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VPLS laboratory


This scenario is the VNX implementation of the basic VPLS test setup for OpenBSD created by Renato Westphal and described here.

All nodes shown in the OpenBSD VPLS test setup are implemented here as VNX virtualized OpenBSD machines.

As indicated in the OpenBSD VPLS test setup, reassembly should be disabled in the Px nodes. You may do this configuring the OpenBSD packet filter with the "set reassemble no" instruction. Alternatively, and this is what is configured in the VNX implementation of the scenario, you may fully disable the packet filter.

Figure 1: VPLS test scenario topology


  • To use the scenario you need a Linux computer (Ubuntu 14.04 or later recommended) with VNX software installed. See how to install VNX here.
  • If already installed, update VNX to the latest version with:
  • vnx_update
  • Download OpenBSD VNX root filesystem:
  • cd /usr/share/vnx/filesystems
    vnx_download_rootfs -r vnx_rootfs_kvm_openbsd64-5.9-v025.qcow2.bz2 -l

    If interested, see the OpenBSD root filesystem creation procedure here.


Download the scenario and unpack it:

vnx --unpack vpls-openbsd-vnx-v01.tgz

Starting the scenario

Start the scenario with:

vnx -f vpls-openbsd.xml -t

Logon to the consoles of the CE machines and verify connectivity with pings.