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Configuración de túneles PPTP en Ubuntu

Adaptado de

Ubuntu 6.10

Existe un fallo conocido en Ubuntu 6.10 queimpide que funcionen correctamente los túneles.

Para solucionarlo hay que:

  • Bajarse la una versión anterior de ppp (2.4.3) de aquí
  • Instalarla mediante:
 dpkg -i ppp_2.4.3-20050321+2ubuntu1.1_i386.deb

 apt-get install pptp-linux

Installing the Configuration Program

Note: you may wish to skip the configuration program and configure the client by hand.

  1. add the following lines to the sources list file, /etc/apt/sources.list :
     # James Cameron's PPTP GUI packaging
     deb ./
     Note: can use a text editor, or simply cat the lines on to the end of the file using >>, but if you make a mistake in formatting you will likely be told by the apt-get update step.
  2. update the list of packages:
     apt-get update
  3. install the PPTP Client GUI:
     apt-get install pptpconfig
     Note: you may be told that the packages could not be authenticated. For the moment, tell your system to install them anyway. We'll take patches to our release process if anyone can explain simply how to provide authentication.

Arrancar pptpconfig:

 > pptpconfig

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