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In order to easily test VNUML without having to install it in your computer, we have created a VNUML-Live-DVD based on Ubuntu that includes the VNUML tool and most of the examples available on this web.

You can download VNUML-Live-DVD from Sourceforge. See Download page.

See below some useful notes about VNUML-Live-DVD:

  • Keyboard. Live DVD uses by default the english keymap. You can change to other keymap by pressing F3 key during boot up.
  • Installation on hard disk. If you plan to install VNUML-Live-DVD on your hard disk using the standard Ubuntu procedure (install button on your desktop), take into account that there is a known problem related to user management: the user you are asked to create during installation process is not created correctly. In fact, after installation is finished and you restart the computer, you won´t be able to login with that user. Use the default user (ubuntu/ubuntu) to access the system and re-create the user through the administration menus.

Running VNUML Live-DVD over VMware

You can easily test VNUML using VMware free player in two ways:

  • Starting VNUML-Live-DVD from VMware. In order to do that:
  1. Download and install vmplayer
  2. Download file and follow the instructions in the README file inside it.
  • Using VNUML Virtual Appliance. We have created a VMware virtual machine starting from VNUML-Live-DVD. To use it, you just have to:
  1. Download and install vmplayer
  2. Download and unzip file:
  3.  unzip
  4. Start the virtual machine with:
  5.  vmplayer ubuntu-vnuml-2.1/ubuntu-vnuml-2.1.vmx
  6. Once the virtual machine has started you can login using:
  7.  username: ubuntu
     password: ubuntu

Other VNUML based LIVE CD/DVD initiatives

  • VIMINAL, a Gentoo based LiveCD including VNUML developed by Jacques Landru.