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How to contribute

VNUML is an initiative open to anyone who want to contribute.

In order to facilitate contributions, we have moved VNUML web server to a new MediaWiki based server, that allows easily editing the documents through the web.

To avoid nasty "wiki-spamers", we have closed the automatic registration facilities of Mediawiki. If you want to contribute, plese follow the steps below.


To register in VNUML wiki, send us a e-mail to vnuml at dit dot upm dot es with the username and the e-mail you want to be registered with. We will manually create you an account and send you a mail with an initial password you can later change.

MediaWiki Documentation

See below some references about Mediawiki application and its markup language. Please, feel free to ask us any doubt you have about how to write or organize your contribution.

In order to maintain an homogeneous style, we will probably edit your contributions to adapt them to the standard style.

Finally, we (VNUML team) reserve the right to reject contributions that we consider are outside the objectives of VNUML wiki server.