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=== VNX program: ===
=== VNX program: ===
* You can download VNX from http://vnx.dit.upm.es/vnx/
* You can download VNX from http://vnx.dit.upm.es/vnx/vnx-latest.tgz (if VNX is already installed, you can update to the latest version with "vnx_update" command)
=== VNX images: ===
=== VNX images: ===

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Downloading VNX

VNX program:

VNX images:

  • VNX images (root filesystems) are temporarily hosted in http://vnx.dit.upm.es/vnx/filesystems
  • Image accounts and passwords:
    • vnx/xxxx
    • root/xxxx
    • For Red Hat based images (Fedora and CentOS) use 'xxxxxx' instead of 'xxxx'