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VNX Installation over Fedora

Follow this steps to install VNX over Fedora 11:

Additional install steps for Dynamips support

  • Install Dynamips and Dynagen:
rpm -i dynamips-0.2.8RC2-1.i386.rpm
rpm -i dynagen-0.11.0-1.fc9.noarch.rpm
  • Add dynamips to system start-up and start it manually for this time:
chkconfig --add dynamips
/etc/init.d/dynamips start
  • Download and install cisco IOS image:
 cd /usr/share/vnx/filesystems
 # Cisco image
 wget ... c3640-js-mz.124-19.image
 ln -s c3640-js-mz.124-19.image c3640
dynagen /usr/share/vnx/examples/
console R     # type 'no' to exit the config wizard and wait 
              # for the router to completely start 
idle-pc get R

Once you know the idle-pc value for your system, include it in /etc/vnx.conf file.

Additional install steps for Olive support

Several additional steps are needed to support Olive (Juniper) routers in VNX scenarios: