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  • Download root file systems from and copy them to /usr/share/vnx/filesystems directory:
  • cd /usr/share/vnx/filesystems
    # ubuntu server
    wget -N
    bunzip2 root_fs_ubuntu-10.10-v02.qcow2.bz2
    ln -s root_fs_ubuntu-10.10-v02.qcow2 root_fs_ubuntu
    # ubuntu with gui
    wget -N
    bunzip2 root_fs_ubuntu-10.10-gui-v01.qcow2.bz2
    ln -s root_fs_ubuntu-10.10-gui-v01.qcow2 root_fs_ubuntu-gui
    # freebsd server
    wget -N
    bunzip2 root_fs_freebsd-8.1-v01.qcow2.bz2
    ln -s root_fs_freebsd-8.1-v01.qcow2 root_fs_freebsd
    # freebsd gui
    wget -N
    bunzip2 root_fs_freebsd-8.1-gui-v01.qcow2.bz2
    ln -s root_fs_freebsd-8.1-gui-v01.qcow2 root_fs_freebsd-gui
    # winxp and win7
    # Sorry! Unfortunately for legal reasons we cannot distribute windows XP
    # or Windows 7 root filesystems. See VNX documentation for detailed recipes
    # to create these root fylesystems from scratch