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VNX Tutorial Ubuntu

sudo vnx -f simple_ubuntu-gui.xml -v --suspend -M ubuntu-gui
sudo vnx -f simple_ubuntu-gui.xml -v --resume -M ubuntu-gui

To start the web servers in h3 and h4:

sudo vnx -f tutorial_ubuntu.xml -v -x start-www

Figure 1: tutorial_ubuntu scenario topology
Figure 1: tutorial_ubuntu screen capture


  • tutorial_root1-XXXX.xml, which are virtual scenarios based on the VNUML tutorial scenario but starting virtual machines using other operating systems.
  • Tutorial scenarios (tutorial_root1_XXXX.xml)

    • To start the tutorial scenario with linux, FreeBSD, XP and Win7 virtual machines just type:
    • sudo vnx -f tutorial_root1_all.xml -v --create
    • Once the scenario has completely started (remenber that libvirt machines have to be restarted for the autoconfiguration to complete), you should see all the virtual machine consoles:
    • Vnx-tutorial root1 all-s.png

    • You can test the network connectivity, for example, accesing h1 machine and tracing to h4: traceroute -n
    • To stop and restart a virtual machine without loosing the modifications you have made you can type:: sudo vnx -f tutorial_root1_all.xml -v --shutdown -M uml4 sudo vnx -f tutorial_root1_all.xml -v --create -M uml4
    • The same but loosing the changes made and returning to a fresh virtual machine state: sudo vnx -f tutorial_root1_all.xml -v --destroy -M uml4 sudo vnx -f tutorial_root1_all.xml -v --create -M uml4