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VNX Team

VNX has been developed by people working or collaborating with the Telematics Engineering Department (DIT) of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), all of them coordinated by associate professor David Fernández.

VNX is based on VNUML tool, which was initially developed in 2003 in the context of the participation of DIT-UPM in the Euro6IX research project. The main people involved in VNUML were:

  • Fermín Galán, designer, main developer and main contributor to the documentation,
  • David Fernández, designer, contributor to the documentation, example developer and tester, as well as coordinator.
  • Tony Prug, which developed the VNUML installer.
  • Casey T. Deccio, who made several improvements for VNUML 1.6.0 release.
  • Esteban Martín, who developed the firts knoppix based vnuml-liveCD, as well as some VNUML improvements to capture traffic.

Besides, several people contributed developing interesting network scenarios, either for Euro6IX research project or for being used in university networking laboratories: Javier Bermejo, José A. García, Jose Luis Rubio, Rebeca Campos and Javier Nieto.

In 2008 a distributed version of VNUML was created in the context of EDIV (Escenarios Distribuidos con VNUML) research project, funded by Telefónica I+D. The design of this distributed version was coordinated by David Fernández and Fermín Galán and the development was made by Miguel Ferrer and Francisco José Martín, with preliminary contributions from Jorge Alonso. Tid-boi.jpg
In 2008 in the context of Segur@ project and funded by S21Sec, the development of VNX tool began, being designed by David Fernández and developed by Jorge Somavilla, Jorge A. Rodriguez and David Fernández. S21sec.png

Apart from the main contributors cited above, other people has contributed to VNUML and VNX with good ideas, examples or helping to test and debug the tool:

  • Fco. Javier Ruiz developed the modifications needed to integrate OpenBSD in VNX.
  • Jorge Lopez de Vergara, Maria Jose Perea, Tomas de Miguel, Antonio Tapiador, Gabriel Lopez and Antonio Gomez-Skarmeta contributed with ideas and scenarios at the time of Euro6IX project
  • Francisco J. Monserrat contributed with ideas and code to generate network maps from VNUML XML specifications using graphviz. His contribution has been partially reused to implement the "--shop-map" option of VNX.
  • F. Javier Ruiz and Luis Bellido have contributed with several networking scenarios used in subjects of telecommunications degrees and master of ETSIT-UPM.