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Android based tutorial


VNX allows to start scenarios with Android X86 based virtual machines. Before starting the complete tutorial scenario, you can play with Android VMs using the simple_android*.xml scenarios available in /usr/share/vnx/examples scenarios.

There are three simple_android scenarios that show three network configuration possibilities:

  • simple_android.xml
  • simple_android2.xml
  • simple_android3.xml

Android based tutorial

VNX includes several example scenarios based on the VNUML tutorial scenario but including all types of virtual machines supported by VNX (see tutorial_*.xml files in /usr/share/vnx/examples directory).

The scenario presented here is made of 6 virtual machines: 2 Android X86 clients (and1-2), 2 LXC routers (r1-r2) and 2 servers (s1-2), all connected through three virtual networks. The host participates in the scenario having a network interface in Net3. All systems use an Ubuntu server root filesystem.

To play with Android tutorial scenario, just download the android and LXC root filesystems:

cd /usr/share/vnx/filesystems
vnx_download_rootfs -l -r
vnx_download_rootfs -l -r vnx_rootfs_lxc_ubuntu-14.04-v025.tgz

And start the scenario with:

cd /usr/share/vnx/examples
vnx -f tutorial_android.xml -v -t