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Installation Troubleshooting

About libvirt

Q: When I execute "virsh list" or other virsh commands I get the following error:

virsh: /usr/lib/ version LIBVIRT_PRIVATE_XXX not found (required by virsh)

A: It seems that libvirt installation scripts do not manage correctly the links to libvirt libraries when, for example, you manually install a version of libvirt and later change it to a new one or you try to use the libvirt version distributed as package.

To solve that, check the version you are using:

libvirtd --version

Remove the old links:

cd /usr/lib

Recreate the links to libraries (change '0.9.8' by the version number you are using):

ln -s
ln -s
ln -s
ln -s

Restart libvirt:

stop libvirt-bin
start libvirt-bin

Note: do not try 'restart libvirt-bin'. It does not work, at least in our case...

Q: When I try to create a virtual scenario I get the following error:

VNX::vmAPI_libvirt::defineVM (1172): error connecting to qemu:///system hypervisor.
libvirt error code: 38, message: Failed to connect socket to '/var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock': ...

A: Seems that libvirt is not running correctly. Check libvirt configuration and be sure it works before executing VNX. Try commands like:

virsh list
virsh capabilities 

to see if you get an error message that will guide you. Have a look at the previous question and to this document