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How to create a LXC CentOS root filesystem for VNX

Basic installation

Follow this procedure to create a CentOS based LXC root filesystem for VNX. The procedure has been tested with CentOS version 7.

  • Create the rootfs with:
  • sudo apt-get install yum
    lxc-create -t centos -n vnx_rootfs_lxc_centos -- -R 7 -a x86_64
  • Change root password (e.g. xxxx):
  • chroot /var/lib/lxc/vnx_rootfs_lxc_centos/rootfs passwd
  • Move the rootfs to VNX filesystems directory:
  • mv /var/lib/lxc/vnx_rootfs_lxc_centos /usr/share/vnx/filesystems/vnx_rootfs_lxc_centos64-7-v025
  • Edit the rootfs configuration file (/usr/share/vnx/filesystems/vnx_rootfs_lxc_ubuntu-16.04/config) to reflect the directory change:
  • lxc.rootfs = /usr/share/vnx/filesystems/vnx_rootfs_lxc_centos64-7-v025/rootfs
  • Create fstab file (if not created):
  • touch vnx_rootfs_lxc_centos64-7-v025/fstab
  • Start the new rootfs to configure it and install new software:
  • lxc-start -n vnx_rootfs_lxc_centos64-7-v025 -F -f /usr/share/vnx/filesystems/vvnx_rootfs_lxc_centos64-7-v025/config
  • Once the VM has started, make login (root/xxxx) and add VNX user and change the passwords:
  • adduser vnx
    passwd vnx
  • Update and install software:
  • yum update
    yum install perl telnet wget openssh-clients traceroute tcpdump net-tools
  • Change VM name in hosts and hostname files:
  • sudo vi /etc/hosts         # change name to vnx
    sudo vi /etc/hostname      #     "
  • Add commands to create /dev/kvm and /dev/net/tun devices at startup (/etc/rc.local):
  • sed -i -e "/exit 0/d" /etc/rc.local
    echo "# /dev/net/tun" >> /etc/rc.local
    echo "mkdir -p /dev/net/" >> /etc/rc.local
    echo "mknod -m 666 /dev/net/tun c 10 200" >> /etc/rc.local
    echo "" >> /etc/rc.local
    echo "# /dev/kvm" >> /etc/rc.local
    echo "mknod -m 660 /dev/kvm c 10 232" >> /etc/rc.local
  • Delete command history:
  • history -c
  • Stop the VM with:
  • halt
  • If you want to pack the root filesystem into a tar file, use the following command:
  • tar --numeric-owner -czpf vnx_rootfs_lxc_centos64-7-v025.tgz vnx_rootfs_lxc_centos64-7-v025
  • Optionally, create a short link to the rootfs:
  • cd /usr/share/vnx/filesystems
    ln -s vnx_rootfs_lxc_centos64-7-v025 rootfs_lxc_centos64