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How to create a KVM Windows 2008 root filesystem for VNX

Basic installation

Follow this procedure to create a KVM Windows 2008 based root filesystem for VNX.
  • Create the filesystem disk image:
  • qemu-img create -f qcow2 vnx_rootfs_kvm_win2008.qcow2 20G
  • Create the virtual machine with:
  • vnx --create-rootfs vnx_rootfs_kvm_win2008.qcow2 --install-media /almacen/iso/Windows-server-2008.iso --mem 2G --arch x86_64
  • Install Windows 2008 following the standard procedure
  • Install VNX autoconfiguration daemon by:
    • Find out the virtual machine name or number using:
    • virsh list | grep win2008 | awk print $1}'
    • Execute the following command on the host (substitute <vm_number> by the number got):
    • /usr/share/vnx/bin/vnx_update_aced <vm_number> /usr/share/vnx/aced/vnx-aced-win-0.1b.exe
    • Access virtual machine console and start a windows file explorer, go to new disk content (d: normally) and double clicking on vnx-aced-win-0.1b.exe file. After that click on "Install" button.
  • Shutdown the virtual machine and your rootfs is ready for use with VNX.