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Installing uml_switch with capture-from-host option

In order to install Esteban Martín's modified uml_switch to allow capturing traffic in virtual networks directly from the host, follow this steps (tested in Ubuntu 6.06):

  • Install development tools (compiler, etc) and capture library :
 apt-get install build-essential
 apt-get install libpcap0.8-dev  
  • Uncompress it:
 tar xfvz vnuml_1.7.2.orig.tar.gz
 cd vnuml-1.7.2
  • Access to uml_switch directory:
 cd contrib/uml_router
  • Compile it:
  • Copy the executable to system directories (use a different name for uml_switch in order to not overwrite the original):
 cp uml_switch /usr/bin/uml_switch4capture
 cp umlctl umlswctld /usr/bin/
  • Include uml_switch_binary parameter in the <net> tag you want to capture on:
 <net ... uml_switch_binary="/usr/local/bin/uml_switch4capture" />

You can find more information in README file inside contrib/uml_router directory.