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How to resize a root_fs filesystem


  1. Increasing the size of a root-filesystem:
  2.  e2fsck -f root_fs_tutorial-0.31
     dd if=/dev/zero of=root_fs_tutorial-0.31 bs=1 count=1 seek=550M conv=notrunc
     resize2fs -p root_fs_tutorial-0.31
     e2fsck -f root_fs_tutorial-0.31
  3. Downsizing a root-filesystem:
    • Create a new rootfilesystem with the size you want your filesystem to have:
    •  dd if=/dev/zero of=newfs bs=1 count=1 seek=1200M conv=notrunc
       mkfs -t ext2 newfs    # Change the filesystem type to your needs (ext3, etc)
    • Copy the old filesystem content to the new one:
    •  mount -o loop oldfs /mnt/old/
       mount -o loop newfs /mnt/new
       cp -a /mnt/old/* /mnt/new/
       umount /mnt/old /mnt/new

Using uml_resize

The uml_resize that comes with the VNUML package can be also use to resize root filesystems. Look at the man page to know how it works:

 man uml_resize

Currently, only allows increasing the size, not decreasing.