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Installing VNUML over Open Suse 10.2

Important note:

There is a problem with vnuml 1.7.3 in Suse related with vnumlize functionality. The parser hangs after printing:

Checking for the skas3 patch in the host:
- /proc/mm...not found
- PTRACE_FAULTINFO...not found
- PTRACE_LDT...not found
UML running in SKAS0 mode

To avoid the problem, just type "crtl-C" afert the above message or better use the "-Z" option to disable vnumlize functionallity: -t simple.xml -v -u root -Z

This problem does not happen with vnuml 1.8 version.

Installation steps:

  1. Install "bridge-utilities" which is available from Yast2
  2. Download uml-utilities from here and install them:
  3. rpm -i uml-utilities-20040406-35.i586.rpm
  4. Install the following perl modules from CPAN using this command:
  5.  perl -MCPAN -e "install Net::Pcap; install Module::Build; install Net::IPv6Addr; force install NetAddr::IP"

    Note: basic c/c++ development tools (gcc, make, etc) must be installed for this step to work.

  6. Download the latest version of vnuml parser from VNUML site and install it:
  7.  tar xfvz vnuml_1.7.3.orig.tar.gz
     cd vnuml-1.7.3
     ./configure --with-build_modules
     make install    (Note: answer "NO" if asked "Are you ready for manual configuration?")
  8. Download root filesystem (root_fs_tutorial-0.4.1.bz2) from VNUML site and:
  9.  cp root_fs_tutorial-0.4.1.bz2 /usr/local/share/vnuml/filesystems
     cd /usr/local/share/vnuml/filesystems
     bunzip2 root_fs_tutorial-0.4.1.bz2
     ln -s root_fs_tutorial-0.4.1 root_fs_tutorial  
  10. Download guest kernel (linux- from VNUML site and:
  11.  mkdir /usr/local/share/vnuml/kernels/src
     cp linux- /usr/local/share/vnuml/kernels/src
     cd /usr/local/share/vnuml/kernels/src
     tar xfvj linux-
     cp linux- ..
     cd ..
     ln -s linux- linux
  12. Create ssh key:
  13. ssh-keygen -t rsa1
  14. Installation is finished. Test simple.xml example to see if everything works:
  15. -t /usr/local/share/vnuml/examples/simple.xml -v -u root -Z

    Note: if you execute the example from a "root" session, you should add the option "-u root" at the end of the line. There are some pending bugs that prevent a simulation to work when executed as "vnuml" user (the default when you do not use -u option) from a root session.